Woman Gets 20 Years for Dragging Tow Truck Operator to Death

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — Detra Farries, a Colorado Springs woman will serve up to 20 years in prison for the death of Allen Lew Rose. She faced a total of 10 charges stemming from the incident.

Farries was convicted in February of this year after being accused of dragging Rose, 35, a local tow truck operator to his death Feb. 23, 2011, after Rose attempted to tow Farries’ illegally parked vehicle.

According to Colorado Springs Police, Rose became trapped by his towing cable after attaching it to Farries’ vehicle as she attempted to prevent the towing by driving away.

Rose was dragged for more than a mile before becoming free of the cable, left dying from his injuries as Farries continued to flee the scene.

Defense attorneys argued that Farries was unaware Rose was trapped behind her vehicle as she sped away and she thought he was chasing her in another car.

The prosecution however, painted a different picture, with Farries recklessly causing the death of Rose with total disregard for the victim or public safety.

After deliberations, the jury found Farries guilty of leaving the scene of a deadly accident, manslaughter, vehicular homicide, and 7 other traffic related charges.

Farries was sentenced April 20 by Fourth Judicial District Judge Jann P. DuBois to 20 years for leaving the scene of a deadly accident and 12 years each for manslaughter and vehicular homicide. All three sentences will run concurrently.