ATTENTION: There is no war between black people and police… Yet!

There is something seriously wrong in this country right now. While many may be nodding in agreement with this statement,

 August 11, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.
August 11, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Photo: Al Jazeera America

the true depth and breadth of what is wrong may not be fully understood by many.

Since the high-profile cases of African-Americans killed by police who, in many instances, were unarmed, we are witnessing a major upswing in anti-police rhetoric, some of which comes from decidedly militant and possibly violent groups.

As the tide of emotions swell, some individuals have openly called for the killing of police officers. Obviously, a situation that involves talk of armed resistance against authorities and random targeting of law enforcement is not a good sign.

Recently the media began extensive coverage of police actions that resulted in the deaths of citizens. However, the slant on the situation has led some to believe that police have declared war on black Americans, especially black men.

This has prompted protests in many African American communities over what they see as increasingly oppressive tactics used against them by police.

Now with the flames of rebellion fully fanned, stories of police officers allegedly targeted by disgruntled African Americans are now being proffered by the media. While there is some truth to this narrative, it is not a completely accurate one. What we are seeing is only one side of a fast-developing conflict, however, media outlets have neglected to present the full story.

While there are a multitude of headlines about police killing blacks and blacks killing police, the underlying spin has serious racial undertones because outlets are downplaying similar incidents involving whites. What is happening is so insidious, so deceptive and gut-wrenching that it borders on madness.

This is a classic case of media manipulation and race baiting because even though we are being told police are killing unarmed men, what we hear is that white men with guns are murdering unarmed black men because the racial connotations attached to these incidents completely overshadow the fact that people of all races are now being killed by police on a daily basis at an alarming rate.

Due to this blatant propaganda, we see the ugly specter of racism resurface as well, giving rise to some of the most vitriolic and incendiary discourse in recent times.

Not only have white bigots who maintain a symbolic presence raised up but they have been joined by black bigots in what could erupt into all-out mayhem in the streets of American cities everywhere and this is no exaggeration. This crisis has disruptive potential to our society unlike anything ever encountered,  including the civil rights movement—except for all the wrong reasons.

Yes Houston, we really do have a problem. The fact that the majority of the most-publicized police shootings have involved black Americans and white police officers has only added fuel to an already flaming house. A look at some of the comments about these incidents only reinforce how problematic this situation has become. Many are from those who appear to believe that all blacks are inferiors with criminal aspirations who should be exterminated from the planet and even if these killings were unjustified they got what they deserved anyway.

Interestingly, some of these same people who, when faced with a questionable police killing of a white person, such as the case of 19-year-old Zachary Hammond, are either strangely mute on the subject or find themselves struggling to explain how such a thing could happen to a young white kid who was essentially a bystander.

The thing about racism is that it forces one into a cycle of denial and hypocrisy. How can someone justify nearly identical circumstances based solely on race? Racists suffer from faulty logic and disordered thought processes. This is a malady that befalls all who tend to judge by skin color alone.

Finally, there is one more vexing question about this current state of affairs; what is the endgame to all of this?

A deeper look at what is happening brings one to a similar situation from the last century. If we look back into our history, we will find the story of how a government demonized and turned an entire nation against a group of people which led to one of the most murderous campaigns of human annihilation in history. We then saw how that same government ultimately turned against many of the very people who supported it.

Divide and conquer has always been a useful tool in the art of statecraft. It is arguably the most devastating; even more than militarized police and its weapons of mass destruction, for it turns the people against themselves thereby making ultimate goals that much easier.

So should we be outraged at the deaths of unarmed blacks and the hands of law enforcement? Yes. No police officer has the powers of summary execution in the United States of America—yet. We should equally express our dismay at the killing of any unarmed citizen under questionable circumstances as well.

Conversely, we should also be outraged at the murders of apparently innocent police officers. All police do not engage in abusive behavior toward citizens. Whether the officers were white and the alleged suspects are black means nothing.

We must remember and understand that psychopaths come in all shades. They do not commit these crimes out of any loyalty or devotion to anyone or anything, save to satisfy their own bloodlust.

We must also remember that, as rational people, we cannot allow ourselves to become entangled within their machinations. Targeting random white people and ambushing police officers is by far the worst thing anyone can do now. If African-Americans want their grievances heard killing innocents is not the answer.

Such a thing is as senseless and racist as it was when mobs of whites roamed looking for lone blacks to murder and equally horrendous.

This has to stop before it reaches the point of no return. Sadly, I fear that time may already be upon us.

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