Final blood moon comes & goes; End of Days postponed…again!

Now that Earth has emerged unscathed in the wake of another rare Blood-Moon-607344cosmic event, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief because all is well and the sky didn’t fall.

Well… All is not exactly well in the world, but at least we can rest assured that we were spared from the End of Days—for now! To most people, this week’s super-moon, or harvest moon, occurring in conjunction with a total lunar eclipse, was nothing more than an uncommon event. For others, it was a culmination of pent-up anxiety over an impending doom, slowly and insidiously creeping toward us, just on the periphery of our perception.

When you consider the fact that it happened during a so-called “tetrad” which also fell on a Jewish holy day, this only ratcheted up the angst among some people–for a somewhat understandable reason. There are historical accounts of terrible things happening during unusual cosmic events, from wars to famines and unexplained outbreaks of disease, but were these merely coincidences of timing or were they really the harbingers of catastrophe they appeared to be to the ancients?

In this modern age, one would think such fallacies and superstitions would be a thing of the past, yet these fears persist. So, where does the root of this fear lie? Is it an ingrained artifact of our evolution, some kind of psychosis that affects part of the human population, or is it something else?

Obviously, not everyone subscribes to the belief that these natural phenomena are precursors to calamity, but there are sufficient numbers of people, who do have concerns, that governments regularly issue statements urging calm during these events. One source of this lingering dread is the apocalyptic writings found in ancient religious texts such as the Christian Bible.

Aside from the cataclysmic, global implications in these writings, they also predict what could arguably refer to things we are experiencing now. For example, strange weather patterns, earthquakes in uncommon places, and political upheavals are specifically mentioned in the Bible as signs that the End of Days is approaching.

The writings referred to as the “End of Days Prophecy” originate from the Hebrew Old Testament book of Daniel. These writings, also known as the “70 weeks” prophecy, outline visions Daniel had about events in the future, that herald the end of world. The “70 weeks” prophecy and the writings of St. John in the New Testament book of Revelation are the most well-known apocalyptic texts in the Bible.

Now we see when current events seem to coincide with these ancient writings, the perception of impending doom many people feel becomes more understandable. However, there is another facet to all of this; one more sinister than the occurrences predicted, and that is the prospects of pure greed and plain old thievery. For many generations past and even up to the present, there have been those who prey on the fearful and the gullible for self-enrichment—at times, with deadly results. History is rife with stories of people being taken in by charismatic, self-deluded con artists with “Messiah” complexes.

Perhaps this kind of irrationality really is a result of evolution that feeds our “fight or flight” instinct. Maybe these fears somehow appeal to that instinct in such a primal way that it sometimes overrides our
common sense and intelligence. After all, how can a lunar eclipse or harvest moon cause the world to end? When appealing to one’s intelligence, the answer would be that it cannot; these heavenly spectacles occurred since before the dawn of man. Yet, Mother Earth and her inhabitants endure. What more evidence does someone need to realize that there is absolutely nothing to fear from these events… or is there?