The ‘probably’ true origins of the greedy corporation

One day, a couple millennia

Photo:  Svilen Milev
Svilen Milev

ago, a servant was working in the wheat field of a wealthy farmer. The farmer owned a vast spread of fertile land and was the only producer of grain in the entire countryside.

The servant was standing before an enormous pile of wheat, and was hard at work with his winnowing blade.

Suddenly, the servant heard a voice from behind him.

“Hey,” the voice said. “What are you doing?”

Realizing it was the voice of his employer, he quickly spun around and bowed heavily.

“I was separating the wheat from the chaff, my lord,” the servant said.

“Why in the heck are you doing that?” the wealthy farmer asked, testily.

“It is the way we do, my master. For the chaff of the wheat is undesirable.”

The wealthy farmer stood for a few moments, then asked,

“How long does it take you to collect this much wheat?” he asked.

“About half a day,” answered the servant.

“And how long does it take you to separate?”

“About half a day,” the servant replied.

As the wealthy farmer was seemingly staring out into space, the servant began winnowing the wheat again.

“Stop that!” snapped the wealthy farmer. “Are you out of your mind?” he shouted.

The servant only stood and stared, not following what his employer was saying.

“Don’t you realize that chaff adds more weight to my wheat? You can just load the wheat into the sacks to the same weight and seal them up,” said the farmer. “The buyers can separate the chaff themselves, we can sell one-third more sacks of wheat and you can cut your separation time down by half a day,” beamed the wealthy farmer.

The servant was overjoyed with the thought that he no longer would have to toil in the fields all day long.

“Thank you so much, my lord, for what you have done,” exclaimed the happy servant.

“You’re welcome,” said the wealthy farmer. “Now, starting tomorrow, you can collect twice the grain for half your normal pay since you no longer have to winnow the wheat!”


UPDATE: Shooting on Oregon college campus claims multiple victims

A gunman opened fire at the Umpqua Community College campus on Thursday, killing 13 people and wounding 20, according to latest reports.

Details are sketchy as the area is still an active crime scene, but authorities said that the alleged gunman,  identified as a 20-year-old male, was fatally wounded in an exchange of gunfire with police. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office released the following information:

“On October 1, 2015 at approximately 10:38 AM, Douglas County Emergency Communications received a report of an active shooter in a classroom on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. Law enforcement officers from all parts of Douglas County responded to the scene. Responding officers encountered the suspect and exchanged gunfire. The male shooter is deceased.”

According to an eyewitness account, the assailant entered the Snyder Hall classroom building armed with several guns and demanded that people get on the ground. The gunman then reportedly asked each person to stand and state their religious preference.

The shooter then opened fire on the assembled students as they scrambled for safety from the hail of gunfire. 18-year-old Kortney Moore told the News-Review that her writing teacher was killed by a gunshot to the head. State and local law enforcement are now at the scene along with the F.B.I. and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

The media release also said that students and staff were transported to the Douglas County Fairgrounds to be reunited with family members. The American Red Cross is also assisting those attempting to contact loved ones. Anyone wishing to check on loved ones can go to,

President Obama offered condolences to the victims and families during a news conference on Thursday. He also took the time to express his frustration over continuing gun violence in America. This is the latest incident in a string of mass shootings that have occurred across the country within the past several years and the deadliest school shooting since 20 schoolchildren and six adults were killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, 2012.

Final blood moon comes & goes; End of Days postponed…again!

Now that Earth has emerged unscathed in the wake of another rare Blood-Moon-607344cosmic event, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief because all is well and the sky didn’t fall.

Well… All is not exactly well in the world, but at least we can rest assured that we were spared from the End of Days—for now! To most people, this week’s super-moon, or harvest moon, occurring in conjunction with a total lunar eclipse, was nothing more than an uncommon event. For others, it was a culmination of pent-up anxiety over an impending doom, slowly and insidiously creeping toward us, just on the periphery of our perception.

When you consider the fact that it happened during a so-called “tetrad” which also fell on a Jewish holy day, this only ratcheted up the angst among some people–for a somewhat understandable reason. There are historical accounts of terrible things happening during unusual cosmic events, from wars to famines and unexplained outbreaks of disease, but were these merely coincidences of timing or were they really the harbingers of catastrophe they appeared to be to the ancients?

In this modern age, one would think such fallacies and superstitions would be a thing of the past, yet these fears persist. So, where does the root of this fear lie? Is it an ingrained artifact of our evolution, some kind of psychosis that affects part of the human population, or is it something else?

Obviously, not everyone subscribes to the belief that these natural phenomena are precursors to calamity, but there are sufficient numbers of people, who do have concerns, that governments regularly issue statements urging calm during these events. One source of this lingering dread is the apocalyptic writings found in ancient religious texts such as the Christian Bible.

Aside from the cataclysmic, global implications in these writings, they also predict what could arguably refer to things we are experiencing now. For example, strange weather patterns, earthquakes in uncommon places, and political upheavals are specifically mentioned in the Bible as signs that the End of Days is approaching.

The writings referred to as the “End of Days Prophecy” originate from the Hebrew Old Testament book of Daniel. These writings, also known as the “70 weeks” prophecy, outline visions Daniel had about events in the future, that herald the end of world. The “70 weeks” prophecy and the writings of St. John in the New Testament book of Revelation are the most well-known apocalyptic texts in the Bible.

Now we see when current events seem to coincide with these ancient writings, the perception of impending doom many people feel becomes more understandable. However, there is another facet to all of this; one more sinister than the occurrences predicted, and that is the prospects of pure greed and plain old thievery. For many generations past and even up to the present, there have been those who prey on the fearful and the gullible for self-enrichment—at times, with deadly results. History is rife with stories of people being taken in by charismatic, self-deluded con artists with “Messiah” complexes.

Perhaps this kind of irrationality really is a result of evolution that feeds our “fight or flight” instinct. Maybe these fears somehow appeal to that instinct in such a primal way that it sometimes overrides our
common sense and intelligence. After all, how can a lunar eclipse or harvest moon cause the world to end? When appealing to one’s intelligence, the answer would be that it cannot; these heavenly spectacles occurred since before the dawn of man. Yet, Mother Earth and her inhabitants endure. What more evidence does someone need to realize that there is absolutely nothing to fear from these events… or is there?

Bad case of indigestion saves man from attacking bear

A man was saved from almost certain death last night, after coming face-to-snout with a hungry grizzly bear that entered his home.

The man, who asked not to be identified, told reporters that he was on his way to the bathroom to get an antacid tablet to treat his indigestion when he heard a noise in his kitchen. Knowing that he was alone in the residence, the man assumed there was a burglar in the house, so he quietly crept back into his bedroom where he retrieved an aluminum baseball bat he kept beside his bed.

He then went into the kitchen and snapped on the light, only to see a 700-pound grizzly bear rifling his refrigerator. The man attempted to exit the kitchen without attracting his uninvited guest’s attention, but it was too late. As the man slowly backed out of the kitchen, he accidentally knocked over a waste can near the entrance.

The huge bear swung around to confront the man while holding a can of beer in one of its paws and began walking toward him snarling and growling. The man, armed only with a baseball bat, promptly became paralyzed with fear.

“When I turned on that light, all I could see was bear hide… It looked like my fridge was wearing a fur coat,” he said. “That’s when he turned an seen me. I really thought I was a goner.”

Then suddenly, the combination of fear and a sour stomach caused the man to pass gas. Unbelievably, the bear stopped advancing toward the man, then turned and fled through the door it came through in the kitchen and into the night.

Apparently the malodorous aroma of flatulence emanating from the frightened man was offensive enough to the bear’s sensitive nose to cause the animal to flee the home. Wildlife experts said that although bears do have extremely sensitive noses, they had never heard of a case where a would-be victim was saved by breaking wind.

NASA discovers flowing water on Mars: How about that?

Mars_23_aug_2003_hubbleThere may not be any gold in “them thar hills” but NASA has still located the the mother lode.

The agency announced on Monday that evidence of flowing water was discovered on the Red Planet. The finding bolsters speculation by scientists that life exists on Mars or may have in the past. Water is one of the key elements necessary to sustain life as we currently know it and finding water on Mars is a big step toward further exploration and eventual manned travel to the planet.

NASA scientists say they have confirmed evidence that salty water intermittently flows on Mars’ surface. Previously, Mars was thought to be an arid, dust-covered wasteland until further observation revealed polar caps made up almost entirely of water ice. The discovery of frozen water ice at the Martian poles led some scientists to speculate that liquid water also existed on Mars, however, there was doubt that the thin Martian atmosphere could sustain liquid water.

Based on geological data and data from robotic probes, evidence was mounting to support the theory that water could exist on Mars as a liquid, but the evidence remained inconclusive—until now. Although the discovery of liquid water on Mars is a huge find, one of scientists’ next steps is to unravel the mystery of how the planet became the way it is today.

“We now know Mars was once a planet very much like Earth with warm, salty seas and fresh water lakes,” NASA’s planetary science director, Jim Green told reporters at a news conference. “But something has happened to Mars, it lost its water.”

Discovering whatever that “something” was that caused Mars to lose its earth-like appearance is another puzzle piece in the quest to unlock more of the Red Planet’s secrets.

The Terror Within: A short story

It was a mild and sunny day as the man strolled seemingly aimlessly down the sidewalk. A light breeze carried the aroma of flowers and freshly cut grass, mingled with the odor of automobile exhaust as the man casually walked with a small, tattered book in one hand and clutched an equally tattered satchel underneath his arm.

Finally, he arrived at his destination — a small park. Although it was not much more than a patch of greenery among the dense urban sprawl surrounding it, the little area seemed to offer the man a measure of tranquility as he eagerly sat down on a ragged bench. This was his quiet place and even though the rest of the city bustled about, this was a place of calm for him.

The man placed the satchel on the bench next to him then opened the tattered old book and began reading – oblivious to all of the noise around him. He loved reading old books but this one was very special to him because it held within it all of the knowledge and wisdom of an era long gone. The words in the ancient tome seemed to rise from the wrinkled pages and take on a life of their own.

Within his mind’s eye, he was transported back to the time when the words in the book were first penned. He shared in the pride and jubilation he was certain that those responsible for it felt at the completion of their labor.

Suddenly, he was snatched back into reality as he spotted the men turning the corner in the speeding vehicle. Before he could do anything, they were upon him. The masked men jumped from the vehicle and wrestled him to the ground. He felt the cold steel of an automatic rifle muzzle as it was roughly pressed to the base of his skull. Outnumbered, he dared not struggle lest the hulking men with his arms violently twisted behind his back might snap them completely from his body.

He felt the crushing blow of a knee as it was brought down into the small of his back, causing him great pain. The man began to feel his consciousness slipping away. With great effort he managed to speak to his assailants.

“Why are you doing this to me,” he wheezed, as the air was being crushed from his lungs.

“Shut your mouth!” came the terse response from one man who appeared to be the leader.

The others restraining him looked on as another masked man grabbed the satchel and forced it open to examine its contents.

“Be careful!” came the command from the leader. “We don’t know what kind of nasty surprises may be hidden in there,” he barked.

Despite all of the activity, no one slowed down to see what was happening. In fact, people sped up and began avoiding the scene as the masked attackers continued their assault on the apparently helpless man.

During the scuffle, the tattered old book the man was reading had fallen to the ground and a few of its pages were scattered nearby.

“We have what we need here,” shouted the one who examined the satchel.

“Good!” said the leader, shaking his head with disgust, as he plucked the old book from the ground along with some loose pages and put them into a plastic bag.

“Please!” the man begged. “I have done nothing wrong, I only …”

“Save your explanations for the judge, old man,” the leader snapped back. “The courts have no mercy for terrorists … You are under arrest! Take him away,” ordered the leader.

The frightened man was handcuffed and placed into the police van. As the van sped off, a single leaf from the tattered old book fluttered down into the gutter.
There, barely visible on the faded page, were the words, “We The People…”

An exclusive interview with Russian president Vladimir V. Putin (Satire)

Source: An exclusive interview with Russian president Vladimir V. Putin (Satire)